Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lets Talk Sunscreen !!

Its that time of the Year !
Its that time of the year when we are all out purchasing Sunscreen and i have come across two brands that i love.
My sister actually got me thinking recently about all of the nasty chemicals that go in to our sunscreens so i did some research and found two brands that i can highly reccomend having used both. So this summer before you buy that sunscreen at the pharmacy i highly reccomend checking out both of these great products !!
Sunscreen for babies and everyone!
First up Babu With a high SPF factor and organic ingredients of coconut oil, noni and red raspberry seed oil, Babu™ baby sunscreen soothes and protect your baby’s delicate skin against UV rays. New Zealand lanolin helps to moisturise skin while the 100% natural papaya fragrance ensures this summer will be smelling sweet.

I have been using this on my children and am happy to say that there is no drama in the morning before school, they are actually fighting over who uses it first! Smells delicious and absorbs quickly. $28.00 for a 50ml bottle available at leading retailers and Babu

From Baby Baby a sunscreen lotion that is not only free of Artificial fragrance and color but includes some rather yummy ingredients.Manuka Honey is Excellent for children who suffer from skin allergies and dry skin conditions.
Hydrating and soothing to the skin also high in vitamin C helping to prevent pre-mature ageing. 
Has an essential healing benefit which is beneficial when encountering sun exposure.
Chamomile: Calming and soothing to the skin.  Reduces the incident of skin reactions.  Natural insect repellent. 
With an SPF 15 and at $16.95 for 150ml tube available from
Baby Baby

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