Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In love with Lunchskins

Look what we have found at Bubbalooz. We are in LOVE with Lunchskins !!
Hard to believe, but the popular plastic baggie has not been improved in 40 years! Lunchskins are a fabric, reusable alternative to disposable plastic baggies. Great for kids lunch boxes because of their fantastic designs, and reusable nature! Your kids will love them, as will you! Lunchskins are available in three different sizes, and a range of different designs. They all have a fold over flap and snug hook and loop closure. Snack bags are 16.5cm x 8.9cmHere are some more great reasons to invest in a Lunchskin!
Dishwasher and washing machine friendly ! Grease and Moisture Proof ! Durable and Reusable ! Many more uses than just lunch. Can also be used for snacks , toiletries , ice pack covers ,dog treats ,cosmetics
The list goes on Be Creative ! Affordable a one time buy rather than the continuous cycle of purchasing and disposing of plastic bags. Great for our enviroment !!!

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