Monday, January 11, 2010

This Weeks Harper Collins Book Giveaway

Small Fry encourages little kids who want to help in the kitchen and gives them specific tasks to do.

Small Fry works children are more likely to eat what they've made, especially fussy eaters!
Small Fry empowers small children without overwhelming them.
Small Fry encourages learning and an inquisitiveness about food.

About the author
Susie Cameron and Katrina Crook are not experts by any means: they're not nutritionists; they're not early childhood specialists; child psychologists; gourmet chefs or food stylists although some of the above have all helped on the book but they are mums. In a previous life, Susie specialised in marketing and PR in the entertainment industry. Katrina was an assistant cinematographer on feature films and is a professional photographer (Puberty Girl, Allen and Unwin and A Teenager's Survival Cookbook, Pan Macmillan

Win your very own copy
We have a copy of this fabulous book to give away all you need to do is be a member of Kids Fashion Review and email and you are in to win

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