Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help us help the kids of Mumbai !! You can make a difference

Many of you may or may not be aware of the fantastic work that the team from Cornflowerblue do in their home city of Mumbai.

Recently while visiting cornflowerblue's website i read more about their Use it Love it Give it back programme.

The team of cornflowerblue pass children on the street each and everyday in Mumbai in desperate need of clothes. Many of them are walking around in rags that expose them. There are also a number of orphanages in Mumbai that need clothing, not to mention the children who attend cornflowerblue's English lessons! Whether from the slums or streetkids its just to sad of a situation to turn a blind eye to and WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE

Kids Fashion Review want to help.

We are running a clothing drive until the end of February .

We Need Your Help

Together we can make a difference and really help the children of Mumbai. We want you to send us your childrens preloved items.

We will sponsor the shipping from New Zealand and Australia to India .

So what do we need

Its really hot in Mumbai so we really dont need any winter clothing , jerseys or jackets . We need good quality summer clothing for boys and girls of all ages. new underwear. toothbrushes all very gratefully received . We would also LOVE to send shoes but the cost of shipping would be huge so unless we can find some sponsors who would also help with shipping at this stage please NO SHOES. Toothpaste is also desperately needed as some of the children use charcoal to clean their teeth but we are just not to sure on the customs regulations for liquids.

In New Zealand please send your items to

Kids Fashion Review
63b Nalanda Crescent
Wellington 6035
New Zealand

In Australia please send your items to

PO Box 7105 Warringah Mall NSW 2100

Please consider the importance of this small action. Did you know that in Australian and New Zealand charity bins are overflowing and that opportunity shops receive more than they can sell?
The pictures above are of Mumbai Children who have received clothing in November from the Cornflowerblue team . One of the charities that cornflowerblue work with are

Thankyou in advance for helping us in this Clothing Drive for the kids of Mumbai little things can really make a difference .

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