Thursday, November 5, 2009

I think by now you guys know that i like to support women in business that are bringing about positive change in their own way.

This week meet one of those inspiring woman Sarah Drysdale an Australian living in Mumbai

cornflowerblue was founded by director Sarah Drysdale, who divides her time between Australia and India. Sarah began daydreaming of cornflowerblue after chatting with girlfriends in Mumbai about the lack of pretty, girlie clothes that are affordable and in the next breath... organic. This set Sarah off on an adventure, armed with the designs for her first collection, to find who made the most beautiful organic clothes in India. Sarah soon evolved the concept of cornflowerblue to include stocking other fabulous organic and fair labels from around the world.

Sarah based the idea for cornflowerblue on the belief that no matter what business we are in, we have a responsibility to care and to know about the impact we are having on our planet and the people who live here.

cornflowerblue gives Sarah the opportunity to combine her love of fashion and design with her unique charity work and her care for the planet.

“I have witnessed first hand the environmental degradation in developing nations as they try to keep pace with the demand to produce goods for the developed world. My family has walked in the slums of India, driven through farmland craving water and in need of better farming practices and breathed the polluted air of Hong Kong and South East China.

We all have a role to play; we can all bring about change in this world simply by demanding that goods be made in people and planet friendly ways.

I am lucky to have the opportunity to show children and women in the developing world that people do care. I love educating children so they don’t end up being one of 300,000 child laborers that are estimated to work in the Indian cotton fields. I enjoy handing out business starter packs to new beauticians living in the slums as they eagerly venture out to start their new business. I love seeing children wearing organic clothes that are kind on their skin and kind on our planet.

Like most mums, I have a soft spot for fashion and I love seeing my girls dressed up. My dream is for cornflowerblue to showcase fabulous fashion so that every child can look gorgeous. The desire is in everyone’s heart to see children, women and our planet protected.

“ Please support cornflowerblue so together we can show that fashion can be stylish while being planet and people friendly.”

Sarah Drysdale

Cornflower Blue are also stockists of the Fabulous Nanny Pickle , Eternal Creation, Cheeky Chickies and Eco Peko.

Go to  to take a look at the many ways cornflower blue are helping to make the world a truly better place.

Its inspired reading . Shop online at Cornflower blue and $1 from every item goes towards one of the charity projects they are working on.

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