Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Make Beleive

“Children’s couture costumes that will change the way we all look at life!Fun, laughter, learning, imagination – it’s all part of a parents tool box to create an extra ordinary day out of the Monday to Friday rut.Dress ups create a wonderful new concept for littlies, they become who they see in the mirror, suddenly who they were becomes invisible and they behold their new identity, roaring, fluttering, pouncing, trumpeting & squeaking.Drama, role play and fascination open up new worlds as a life of excitement and delight take place, transporting their little personalities to where ever they dare to travel.We excel with Exquisite exclusive designs, Fabrics that transform a character and bring them to life,A range of sizes guaranteed to grow with you in heirloom quality. Service beyond the transaction – value beyond expectation.

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