Saturday, September 24, 2011

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle

After having my son, who was a gorgeous lump of a child, I went looking for a carrier which would help me carry him around and still get the jobs done. After trying a few different carriers I came across the BabyBjörn - and I haven’t looked back.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to test the New BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle. I was excited to find that they had even further improved a product which I had already loved so much.

The  BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle is ergonomically designed to be the perfect fit for both you and your baby. It allows you to take your child’s weight on your hips, waist or shoulders and vary the load according to your personal preferences, whilst supporting your baby perfectly. Due to the thoughtful design, the BABYBJÖRN carrier Miracle can be comfortably used from newborn to 15 months (12kg).

For those of you who have never used a BabyBjörn, it is incredibly easy and efficient. The initial fitting is a breeze and can be performed easily by the wearer. Once fitted, the carrier only takes a couple of simple clicks and slides and your baby is secure and in place. No fiddling and adjusting - just simple and easy to use. Removing the child is just as easy!

As your baby grows it is easy to adjust for different heights and the baby can even be turned around to face the world once ready. The new shape to the carrier means that it fits perfectly to support your baby. The fabrics and seams used are super soft on the skin with the added bonus of complying with Oeko-Tex requirements (guaranteed free from harmful substances).

The BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle is thoughtful in so many ways. It is supportive for you and baby, so very comfortable and an absolute pleasure to use!