Friday, June 3, 2011


In a world of so many labels, it is easy to become a slave to the trends. Here at Kids Fashion Review we find it so refreshing to see a brand that offers something a little different. 

YmamaY does the most exquisite range of babies and children's wear. Their stylish interpretation of classic style and modern design leaves them a cut above other labels. 

Their fabrics are unique and beautiful, reflecting the seasons and the styling of their garments. The colour palettes used are subtle and sophisticated, and the production of smaller more frequent collections means that each piece is even more special.

Each collection ties with the last allowing the wearer to integrate pieces. For the cooler months layers are added and for the warmer they are removed, meaning that pieces are truly trans-seasonal.

Collections from YmamaY range from Newborn to 8yo, and are available from their New Zealand Concept Store and Online at

See our Style File for stockists.

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