Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Saint Valentin d'amour"

Valentine's Day Love"Saint Valentin d'amour" 

Little things to let the people in your life know you love them.

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Declare your love this Valentine’s Day with these cute message bottles.  Not only are they great for Valentine’s Day they make a perfect little gift – Surprise a friend or loved one in a different way with a message in a bottle.  Use one or more of the scrolls enclosed to write your most valuable thoughts. What you write is only limited by your imagination!  Write on one of the scrolls and leave an empty scroll to see if you get a reply!  Available in two colour variations from Paper Scissors Rock 

2. Lunch Mail let the little people in your life no how much you love them Just pop one of these 30 gorgeous cards into their lunch box to let your children know how much they mean to you! Three Different styles available from Rudy and the Dodo .

41 Orchard Birdcage Love Nursery Wall decor available from Little yoyo Styles. What little or big girl would'nt love this.

Red love heart hair ties by Ruby Luxe. These accessories are environmentally friendly made from sustainable forests. Ruby Luxe supports 'Trees for the Future'. Your little girl will feel special in these beautiful accessories that are healthy for her to wear and good for the planet too. Available from Cornflowerblue

5. Shabby Chic wire heart card holder from Malmaison

Sailor Stripe love heart Leghuggers from Huggalugs

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