Friday, January 21, 2011

Bubble and Squeak Latest in Style

When Dee Crawford became a mum to twin daughters, she couldn’t find interesting, fun every day clothes for the girls that weren’t expensive or on everyone else’s child. And the sea of pink and purple clothing was overwhelming,.
She wanted to create something fun and different, in limited quantities, while ticking the boxes of comfort and affordability.” Hence the birth of BubbleandSqueak. Every garment is limited to no more than 50 of every size and everything can be mixed and matched for a number of different looks with very few pieces, All the clothes are made from natural cottons and linens in warm fun colours -yummy peppermint and cinnamon & spice spring to mind! they have added lots of subtle, intricate detailing - buttons, bits & bobs wherever possible to add interest and surprise to the pieces.
This is their very first season and they have already had amazing support for the brand. BubbleandSqueak are currently selling from their on-line store and party plan.
And as Dee's daughters are adopted from China, proceeds from sales of BubbleandSqueak go to organizations that assist their orphanage


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