Thursday, June 10, 2010

Monte + Tex is the latest must have fashion label for babies that is non allergenic, environmentally friendly and stylish too!

The label, created by 28 year old Sydney based designer Alisha Oxley, was established after she witnessed first hand the frustration experienced by her family surrounding the birth of her baby cousin, who suffered from skin allergies and eczema.

“We had trouble not only finding clothing that didn’t irritate his skin, but that were practical too.

With the growing number of children born suffering from skin allergies, added to the heightened concern for environmental awareness, I decided I wanted to create something that was not only good for kids and kinder on the environment, but that was also stylish and funky”.

And thus, Monte + Tex was born, proving a label can have a conscience whilst, maintaining its cool.

All products are made of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex, allowing for practical items that are anti-bacterial, environmentally sustainable, super absorbent and just plain better!

Already a favourite of celebrity yummy mummies such as Nicole Kidman and Sarah Wynter, Monte + Tex is sure to be a hit with mums and bubs across Australia!

Monte + Tex

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