Thursday, June 10, 2010

Maternal Touch

After working with babies AND wrapping babies in the many different and complicated wraps that are available to parents...Samantha designed her own baby wrap. The Maternal Touch Baby Wrap is made out of 100% NZ Merino. Merino is soft, comfortable and luxurious and is ideal as a baby wrap as it creates its own microclimate around the baby, protecting the body by drawing away heat in the warmer months and insulating the body in the cooler months. Merino also has a smooth non- irritating surface, making it suitable for a baby’s sensitive skin.

7 GREAT reasons to use a Maternal Touch Baby Wrap!

Designed by Samantha Ferreira leading baby expert the Maternal Touch Baby Wrap has a special pocket sewn into one side of the wrap. A pleat with a handmade bow is also sewn into the pocket. This is where baby’s feet go in and therefore baby can never kick the wrap off.

Unlike many wraps available, your baby will never grow out of a Maternal Touch Baby Wrap due to their size and weight. The wrap has been carefully designed to allow your baby to grow as much as possible, and can be used until 6 months and then under the arm wrapping from 6 months onwards.

The wrap helps prevent babies from waking themselves up when they come into a light sleep, as the wrap is secure enough to prevent the startle reflex, allowing babies to fall back into a deep sleep naturally.

Hassle free; no need to take blankets and sheets when out and about…the wrap is all you need.

Economical; after using the Maternal Touch Baby Wrap….throw it in the machine on gentle wash and it will come out looking brand new!!!

The Maternal Touch Baby Wrap is designed by someone who works with babies every day, giving her expert inside knowledge on how babies work.

And lastly………Proudly designed and made in New Zealand! The Maternal Touch Baby Wrap is one of the best gifts you can give to someone who is expecting a new baby, or buy one for your own wee bundle of joy. The Wrap is beautifully presented in a gorgeous white organza bag, with wrapping instructions.

The Maternal Touch Baby Wrap has been tried and tested by many KFR Members and we are always receiving amazing feedback on this product

Maternal Touch

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