Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Rookie" The hottest selling boys label on the planet !

Boys clothes that stand out in the crowd

Katrina Hodge is the head costume designer for Outrageous Fortune, the NZ smash hit (the second series recently showed on Australian screens on Channel Ten) that has become as well known for its bold fashion as it has for its audacious storylines. 16 years working in costume on international film and TV sets has instilled in Katrina both the ability to know what looks good, and a unique insight into how clothes can create and shape personality. Katrina’s work on Outrageous Fortune has allowed her to create identities for each of the characters on the show through their clothes, and has led to multiple nominations in design for her at industry awards. Constantly sifting through clothes, both new and vintage, to find outfits for different characters has given Katrina an enviable understanding of fashion, and with a pattern-making background, a career as a designer was an obvious next step Katrina started Rookie out of a desire to dress her own son in clothes that were different to what was available in children’s chain stores; to help him create an identity for himself beyond the cliché of boys clothes emblazoned with trucks and teddy bears. “I wanted to provide my son with clothing that gives him with a sense of identity that he enjoys wearing and that makes him feels like he stands out in a crowd.” While adults have a multitude of cool/casual labels to choose from, Rookie fills a gap in the market for boys aged 2-12 and their parents who have a sense of style and a need for individuality. But Rookie isn’t about making men’s clothes in children’s sizes, the colours and prints means the clothes from Rookie can walk the fine line between being cool enough to be street clothes and being whimsical enough to still be obviously made for kids. Rather than being about snips and snails and puppy dog tails, Rookie is about what little boys are really made of! By channelling her knowledge of fashion and motherhood into making boys clothes with soul, Katrina Hodge, the costume designer from hit New Zealand show Outrageous Fortune, has created a range of clothes that parents and kids alike will be itching to get their hands on.
Rookie’s range for Winter 2010

Katrina has drawn inspiration from 1950’s graphic artwork, and the style of the Beastie Boys, using layered shirts, knitwear, windbreakers, bombers and baggy shorts to create a style that is distinctly Rookie. Using soft merino to create layering, and organic cotton tees, underwear and sleepwear, the focus is on comfort, simple styling, warmth, practicality and the quality of fabrics. We know you can’t get boys out of shorts, even in winter, so they have been created in fabrics sturdy and long enough to keep knees both warm and unscraped! Rookie doesn’t identify with just one sport or skill by announcing to the world you skate or play soccer, cricket or rugby because it’s on your shirt - instead it aims to be cool clothes boys will want to choose because they are simple, edgy and because they make the wearer feel cool.

Kids Fashion Review came across Rookie just as it was about to launch last year and it is now one of the fastest moving boys wear labels in New Zealand and its easy to understand why. Fantastic price point for stylish hard wearing boy’s clothes. Get it if you can at all good retailers.

Keep an eye out for their Summer 10/11 range ITS HOT !! And lets just say the girls wont be disappointed!!!

For Stockists search our Style File or Visit ROOKIE

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