Thursday, April 8, 2010

Win your very own copy of Pony Club Secrets from our sponsors Harper Collins

Our book giveaway this week in association with our sponsors Harper Collins is "Pony Club Secrets"
Victory and the All-Stars Academy

Issie has won a place in the National Junior Team and is selected to compete in an international eventing competition abroad! There are lots of riders and horses training together and Issie makes new friends... and enemies. She must bond quickly with her loan horse, Victory, but can she befriend the inexperienced chestnut pony in time to come out on top?

About the Author

Stacy Gregg grew up training her bewildered dog to showjump in the back yard until her parents gave in to her desperate pleas and finally let her have a pony. Stacy’s ponies, and her experiences at her local pony club were the inspiration for the Pony Club Secrets books and her later years at boarding school became the catalyst for the Pony Club Rivals series. When she’s not writing, Stacy is riding her beloved Dutch Warmblood gelding, Ash. She is a board member of the Horse Welfare Auxiliary.

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