Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This weeks HILARIOUS Book Giveaway !!

"Mr Stink stank. He also stunk. And if it was correct English to say he stinked, then he stinked as well…”

Chloe sees Mr Stink every day, but she’s never spoken to him. Which isn’t surprising, because he’s a tramp, and he stinks.
But there’s more to Mr Stink than meets the eye (or nose) and before she knows it, Chloe has an unusual new friend hiding in her garden shed.
As Chloe struggles to keep Mr Stink a secret, and her dad tries to hide a secret of his own, the stage is set for an epic family confrontation. But there's one other person with a an extraordinary secret - Mr Stink himself…

This fantastic book is hilarious it would be a fantastic scratch and sniff book but the smell would be so bad you would have to put it in the bin and then bury the bin.

Written by David Williams best known for his work in Little Britain and illustrated by the fabulous QBE Quentin Blake

Win your very own copy
For your chance to win a copy of this book simply email with the title book review and we will enter you in the draw to win . Competition closes on 2nd of March 2010 RRP $24.95 from Harper Collins Publishers . Open to Kids Fashion Review members only

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