Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stylish and Practical Breastfeeding solution for Mamma Win with KFR and MumCho Valued at $89.95

This week our product of the week is MumCho .When MumChos designer Ute Loerch travelled to Europe with her two-month old daughter Kara in 2006, she knew she would be breastfeeding her in all sorts of public places day and night. She was looking for something that would give her some privacy and Kara some comfort.
“I’m not prudish but I still find it awkward and sometimes it is other people who are uncomfortable. And in Europe there are few facilities for parents,” said Ute. She found a light weight poncho in a drawer she had bought a few seasons previously and thought it might work.
“It was great. I was more relaxed and Kara really enjoyed the intimacy of being covered yet she could still see through it,” she said.
“She would just go to sleep on the plane or we could go out at night. And I was not always thinking I have to get some where private to feed her.”
Her friends commented on how brilliantly the poncho worked and on her return to New Zealand Ute searched the market to see if they were still available. They weren’t and with encouragement from family and friends, MumCho was born. Ute was a university science lecturer, although she was interested in fashion design at school. She did all the background work on the design, fabrics, manufacturing and the business case. “I came up with two designs as I wanted the babies to be able to see out and not get too hot,” said Ute.
The traditional “over-the-head” style comes in silk or chiffon and in various beautiful patterns. Both fit into a pouch which fits into a handbag.
The merino fabric is in a wrap style with a buckle, so the babies can still see out. These come in plain, earthy colours. And Ute has already had demand for these from women who are not feeding as an evening wrap.
“I think breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for your children. It has nutritional value and is good for boosting their immune systems and also for bonding,” she says.
“I hope that MumChos will give women confidence and that sense of privacy in a public place that will encourage them to breastfeed and to breastfeed longer.” Visit for Stockists

Win your very own MumCho
MumCho have kindly offered our readers the opportunity to win their very own MumCho in gorgeous Chiffon for summer valued at $89.95

to enter to win simply email with the title MUMCHO and you will be in with a chance to win your very own MumCho You must be a signed member of membership is free and very easy to sign up to.

Competition closes on the 6th of December .

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