Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Ultimate Luxury Mumma Bag

Il Tutto, gorgeous practical bags for mums, is an exciting brand for the style conscious mother - a woman who wants the practicality of a baby bag hidden in the fa├žade of a cool, luxe, must-have handbag. Meaning ‘everything' in Italian, Il Tutto handbags have been designed to hold literally ‘everything'.

Il Tutto knows that mothers still pine after the latest ‘it bags'. Having a baby is not having a style lobotomy. These gorgeous practical bags for mums are crafted from buttery soft Italian leathers, with subtle styling that keep numerous compartments for all your baby needs inside a handbag you want to be seen with.

Designer Lucie Trinco knows handbags. With her training honed in Milan, Italy, she has spent the last 3 years as Head of Design at Oroton, and has designed handbags for brands such as Jigsaw, Mambo, Fiorelli and Saba. At an age when her friends are having babies, Lucie saw a gap in the market for an on-trend bag that catered to the needs of a new mother. Realising there were no baby bags out there she would want to be seen carrying, Lucie knew she had to do something.

"When my friends were begging me to design them a bag with baby features they couldn't find in a cool and luxurious leather handbag, I researched the market, and realised nobody was doing it well. Not everybody wants a gingham bag in blue or pink that screams new mother".

Il Tutto bags hang neatly on a stroller or can be worn over the shoulder, and feature linings that can be removed for washing, or when you want to use them as a regular handbag. This means the life of your bag extends beyond your child's infancy so you can use your Il Tutto bag for its obvious purpose - a gorgeous handbag you want to keep using. With insulated bottle holders, pacifier clips and waterproof changing mats, among other features, Il Tutto bags also have mobile phone pockets, pen holders and zip pockets for all your personal belongings. Il Tutto remembers the woman you were before having a baby, and makes the transition as easy and effortlessly cool as possible

View their stunning collection online at www.iltutto.com.au
Available also from our Member sites www.outoftheegg.com.au  and www.sugarfree.co.nz

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  1. Would love to get my hands on one of these bags :)