Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Zealand Webstore Breastmates.co.nz has relaunched this week, with the focus to provide real information for parents on infant feeding.

Breastmates was created from scratch in 2004 by Frances McInnes , who has slowly developed the brand herself over the past few years to become a specialty Baby Feeding Store
with an extensive range of products for pregnant and new mothers.

Frances noted there was a lack of resources for mothers on baby feeding issues, and that it could often be difficult for people to get advice in their situation.

Frances has taken it upon herself to fill this void. Frances is a mother who has both breast and bottle fed her two children and has been told that customers like her Non Militant Non Judgmental stance on breastfeeding. After considerable time and investment Breastmates relaunches this week as a useful resource for parents as well as a fabulous online shopping site.

Frances says she wanted her website to consist of honest information to prepare people with the truth and not unrealistically high expectations.
I can be the person that tells you yes breastfeeding is hard but if you cant do it forget the guilt trip. Breastmates will now fill the need for information on infant feeding and will provide a balance between breast and bottle feeding.

There are over 250 articles on relevant topics including videos , photographs and demonstrations contributed from an extensive network of Midwives, Specialists as well as mothers sharing their experiences. Frances hopes that she will be able to reach more people with her new website , and help them just a little bit during what can often be a stressful time.


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