Wednesday, August 19, 2009


MomSpit no-rinse cleanser is the accessory you need for life's chance meetings with dirt. It's tailor-made to fit your fancy 'cause fresh and clean never go out of style. Mix and match or bundle up. Use the 2oz (60ml) in your purse, briefcase, gym bag or car. Put one in a backpack for school, indoor events, outdoor adventures or departing on a great holiday.


Get clean anywhere and anytime without the need for the kitchen or bathroom sink. MomSpit fits effortlessly into a purse, gym bag, golf bag, hiking pack, picnic basket, briefcase or glove compartment. It sits beautifully on a desk at school or the office and travels well to the theatre, the stadium, the cottage and, dare we say, the dreaded but essential visit to the port-a-potty. Easy to use and easier to install than plumbing, it's about immediate gratification with style in the elimination of dirt, wherever you are and whenever you need it most.


Have your bottle of MomSpit accessible wherever you may be. Apply a small amount (less is more) on hands or face and rub in completely. Dirt will disappear. No rinse needed. Repeat if necessary. With love in every drop, MomSpit's designed to last. Just a little goes a long way to getting rid of more dirt than you can imagine. We encourage you to put it to the test.Eliminate milk moustaches, chocolate faces, sticky fingers, grease, dried food, latte foam, gas-pump grunge and mystery dirt. Its gentle blend and antimicrobial properties leave skin clean and fresh. It's not a sanitizer, it's MomSpit, the universal no-rinse cleanser. You wouldn't use sanitizer to remove ketchup from your child's face after they've gobbled fries in the backseat of your car, or for getting rid of the spilled coffee on your arm when you're at your desk on one of those days and your boss is on speakerphone. MomSpit cleans dirt and grime, leaving skin clean, moisturized and smelling yummy. Its scents are fresh and friendly. There's even unscented for those of you who love naked 'n' natural. It contains no alcohol, mousses brilliantly, absorbs quickly and feels great. It's soap and water sans le sink.Available in New Zealand from


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