Saturday, July 25, 2009

Want to know how to stay on dad’s good side? Nine-year-old Alec Greven has some advice for you:•When you meet a new person, shake their hand and look them in the eyes. Dads get upset when you don’t look people in the eye.•Don’t pull the “Mom lets us” trick.•Use caution when tattletaling.•Usually you can weasel about 70% of stuff out of Dad.
Readers of all ages will go back again and again to this guidebook on father-child relationships from this 9-year-old guru. Alec’s hilarious insights into Dad, as well as his advice for what to do (and not do) to make him happy are right on target. And of course, everyone will want to give this to the dad in their family!

About the Author Alec Greven is nine years old and is in the fourth grade. He has appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and on CNN. He loves to read and write. His first book, HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS,and his second book, HOW TO TALK TO MOMS, is on our Winter 09 list. Alec lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with his family.

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