Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Interview with Trelise Cooper KFR Exclusive

What inspires you?

Inspiration comes from many conscious and unconscious influences. Places or people that touch me in some way, vintage fabrics with unique handwork, embellished and bejewelled historical garments and construction techniques; iconic women of history, travelling and watching people; visiting art galleries; going to live theatre; music movies and dreams…. I am constantly being inspired by everything that surrounds me.

Do you start with a fabric and then design or is the other way around?

Sometimes the idea for the garment comes first and I search for the perfect fabric to make it with. Other times I find a fabric I love love love and ask myself “what can I make with this?” A good example of this is while I was in India last year I purchased a beautiful traditional Indian sari that had the most amazing wooden hand blocked print of butterflies. The technique was so gorgeous and striking (I adore butterflies) that I decided to adapt it into a print for my Trelise Cooper Kids Summer 2010 collection. Look out for the beautiful pink dress with golden butterflies.

How would you spend a perfect day?

Waking up to the sunrise at my Omaha beach house, a morning meditation burning my favourite Jo Malone candles, 20 minutes on my new Power Plate machine (love it!), breakfast with my husband Jack - fresh fruit and coffee. An afternoon reading and working on designs and then preparing a dinner party for my close friends. With the expansion of my business it’s hard to find as much time as I would like for cooking these days, but I really enjoy it!

What is your favourite childhood memory?

In the basement room of my friend’s house in our cul-de-sac, dressing up in our mothers 50s style clothes - lots of colours, sparkly high heels, jeweled garments and big skirts. So much fun!

Do you have a personal favourite piece from this seasons TCK collection?

I love the Igloo ‘On Your Toes’ hoodie made out of mismatched bright woolen fabrics with a pair of sequined ballet slippers on the back. Great for those winter play dates or throwing on after ballet class – sometimes I wish I had a little girl to dress!

Any hints as to what we may see for summer from Trelise Cooper Kids?

My Trelise Cooer Kids Summer 2010 collection is designed for girls with big dreams - Little senorita’s will love plenty of “Frida” inspired styles. There’s also lots of playful layering pieces with hot air balloons in summer skies, scottish terriers and polka dots, hippy chick paisleys and strawberry fields. Princesses will find their favourite dresses in soft summery florals, layered tuelle skirts and there is a selection of leggings to match every look in the collection.

Interview with Trelise by Kate Gorman

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