Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mini Mermaid

Mini Mermaid clothing is a kaleidoscope of colourfulgarments reflecting the bright personalities of our future.Designed to capture the excitment and wonder of the world throughthe eyes of tomorrow Mini Mermaid is made predominately from vintage fabrics,therefore every garment is unique. The vibrant colours and designsof these fabrics can't help but make you smile. I personally lovebeautiful vintage embroidered doileys which have been worked byhand, another skill that unfortunately is being lost, and artworksrandomly discarded. I find it very exciting to transform someone'sbeautiful needle work into another form. Through modern means Ihave found numerous people around the world that also share a loveof beautiful fabric and textiles, therefore the fabric in mycreations has been reclaimed from landfill globally.I am following my dreams and ethics as an artist and parent. Ilove what I make and do, and I hope you enjoy my creations too! Asmany parents would agree, your perspective, priorities andexpectations of life will often take a different twist when youhave a child's future in the palm of your hand. As responsibleparents, we need to make conscious decisions to protect and sustainthis earth for our children and our children's children. Visit to find more fabulous styles.

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