Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Fairy Door

This is just one of the coolest things i have come across The Fairy Door from monkeytail & wellington
Not all fairies like to live in the garden. Some are metropolitan dwellers who take to suburban homes and apartment buildings. But how do they get there and where do they live? Well, if you want fairies to enter your home, you need to install a fairy door and we have just the ticket! Fairy doors can only be opened inwards using Fairy magic and if they are forced open the fairies will see this as a break and enter and will flee to safer pastures. Due to their size, fairy doors are quite delicate and are designed for ornamental purposes only. Your child can still interact with the fairy door, but the idea is to leave letters, teeth and gifts for the fairies to see what magic happens in return. In our house, we secretly placed the fairy door in a corner outside our children’s bedroom and waited until they had noticed the door themselves. Then a few days later, we sprinkled fairy dust near the entrance to the door and left them a little note from the fairies and some fairy chocolate treats. Each fairy door comes with a miniature key and a vial of fairy dust, and instructions on how to install your fairy door. Fairy doors attach to the wall with double sided tape and are removable, so if you move home your fairy can move with you! Each door is 1/12th the size of a regular human door, which is approximately 25cm high by 15cm wide. Each door that we create is unique and one of a kind. We use only child friendly paints and glues.

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