Thursday, April 23, 2009

Essential Angel

Essential Angel™, offers glamorous organic skin care for young girls. We provide truly divine organic products to care for the delicate skin of young girls, aged from six through to 13 years and beyond. Our range offers a simple three step process to cleanse and moisturise the facial skin. We also provide some gorgeous complimentary products for a bit of fun and glamour!
We are passionate about helping girls to establish a skin care routine. A routine, as familiar as cleaning teeth, that will benefit them throughout their lives.
At Essential Angel™, we strive to create organic products that will protect and promote healthy skin for years to come. We also aim to minimize the impact on our environment during the manufacture and use of our products.
We truly believe that every young girl is naturally beautiful and has the right to rejoice in their individuality. We are committed to educating young girls to care for their skin and promote their natural beauty.
It has been said that if your well-being is important to you, then what you put on your skin can be just as significant as what you eat or drink. Studies have found that up to 60 percent of lotions or cosmetics can permeate the skin and infiltrate the blood stream.

· Essential Angel™ ingredients are high quality, wild natural organic.

· Essential Angel™ products are 100% biodegradable so what gets washed down the sink will not harm our waterways or our natural world.

· Essential Angel™ organic products are Made in Australia.

· Essential Angel™ products are free from animal testing.

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